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Lunchbox: Taco-Loco

Chris Klint/KTUU-TV

President's visit to Alaska hardly sets a precedent

By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | April 9, 2013
April 15 is still Tax Day across the U.S., but another deadline set to fall on the same day -- Alaska's date for the removal of studded tires from motor vehicles -- is now three weeks away throughout the state. According to a Tuesday statement from Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Beth Ipsen, an emergency order from Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters has extended the deadline to May 1 for all roads in Alaska, due to recent snow and road conditions. Under state law roads north of 60 degrees latitude, as well as the Sterling Highway, always fall under the May 1 deadline.
By Chris Klint and | August 17, 2011
A passenger on the plane that crashed west of McGrath Saturday told the National Transportation Safety Board it was in “whiteout conditions” when it slammed into a mountain, killing two people and leaving four others seriously injured. According to an NTSB preliminary report on the crash, the Inland Aviation Services Inc. Cessna 207 was carrying six people and headed from McGrath to Aniak, the plane's home base, by way of Anvik. The crash, at about 7:40 p.m. Saturday, claimed the lives of 66-year-old pilot Ernest Chase, an Aniak resident, and 52-year-old teacher-principal Julie Walker from Anvik.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | June 19, 2013
Alaska State Troopers say a Sutton man died and a woman from Indian was critically Tuesday night, after their motorcycle struck a moose on the Glenn Highway. According to a Wednesday AST dispatch, suspected driver Ryan E. Beachy, 29, died at the scene of the crash -- Mile 92.5 of the Glenn -- while passenger Tracy L. Bushnell, 25, is in stable but critical condition at an Anchorage hospital. Palmer and Alaska Bureau of Highway Patrol troopers, along with a LifeMed air ambulance and Sutton firefighters and medics, responded to the crash site at about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday.
By Garret Wong and Channel 2 Financial Correspondent | May 3, 2011
As we approach the summer construction season, many homeowners are planning for  home improvements. But some renovations get a better return for the dollars you spend. Thanks to Sarah Haltness, a real estate specialist at Dynamic Realty, for her assistance with this list. Home improvement value recovery is really dependent upon the neighborhood standards. If your home is generally “dated,” or behind the general neighborhood standard, you’ll likely get more for your dollars spent.
By Corey Allen-Young and Channel 2 News | August 14, 2013
Excitement is in the air as the possibility of new restaurants coming to Anchorage piques locals' interest -- but while rumors swirl, which businesses are actually breaking ground? Anchorage Economic Development Corp. President Bill Popp says the Tikahtnu Commons shopping area in East Anchorage will soon be home to the national chain Texas Roadhouse, a new eatery owners he hopes residents will enjoy. "They are taking advantage of the fact that Alaskans love to eat and we love good food," Popp said.
By Austin Baird | August 1, 2013
Updated: 5:30 p.m, Aug. 2 Longtime state prosecutor Patrick J. Gullufsen is suspended from practicing law after he withheld DNA evidence in a murder trial, according to documents acquired by KTUU. A July memorandum from the Alaska Bar Association says that Gullufsen is not allowed to practice law until January 2015. The Bar Association's Board of Governors recommended Gullufsen be disciplined after Superior Court Judge Anna Moran described the prosecutor as conducting himself with "flagrant, reckless or negligent disregard of the State's obligation under the Alaska Constitution.
by Michelle Theriault Boots | October 26, 2011
It happens every day of the week in courtrooms all over Alaska. Today, in Judge Michael Spaan's Anchorage courtroom, the applicant is a woman with curly black hair, a mother.  The judge is hearing bail applications and arraignments. She's ushered from the spectator benches to a podium, where she swears to tell the truth.  She looks at her son, accused of assault and weapons charges in a robbery-gone-wrong. He wears an yellow jumpsuit, handcuffed to another detainee in the jury box. She is his ticket to bail, which would mean getting out of jail until his trial.
By Ashleigh Ebert and Neil Torquiano and Channel 2 News | September 27, 2012
On Thursday, Bukurim Miftari, 21, was indicted by an Anchorage Grand Jury for the murder of Kristen Reid who was found in a ditch with a bullet wound in her head and days later she was taken off of life support . Miftari now faces charges of first and second degree murder and kidnapping, according to the District Attorney's office. 30-year-old Kristen Reid was found critically injured Sep. 17 in a ditch on Fairbanks Street, near an abandoned vehicle. Reid's family said Miftari was an ex-boyfriend of Kristen's.
Michelle Theriault Boots | May 13, 2011
In the last 10 years, Alaska’s Hispanic population has jumped by 51.8 percent, making it the fastest growing minority group in the state. Daniel Esparza, who grew up in Zacatecas, Mexico is in a good position to consider the long view: He’s a Mexican-American who has lived in Alaska for 37 years. To him, it’s obvious what’s drawing people to the Northernmost U.S. state: “It’s adventure and opportunity,” he said. The highlights of the Census data released this week included: -Alaska's Hispanic population was 25,852 in the 2000 Census to 39,249 in the 2010 Census - The number of people who identified themselves as being of Mexican descent jumped from roughly 13,300 to 21,600 - People who identify themselves as Mexican make up 55 percent of Alaska’s whole Hispanic population, followed by  Puerto Rican and Cuban -While Hispanics now make up 5.5 percent of Alaska’s population in 2010, that’s still much less than the 16.3 percent they make up of the entire U.S. population.
By Maria Downey and Channel 2 News | April 29, 2011
The deadline to get studded tires off your vehicles is Sunday, May 1. State Troopers say drivers caught with studded tires on between May 1 and September 15 face a $50 citation. That fine could be even higher in other parts of the state. The Department of Public Safety gave drivers an extension from the usual date of April 15 because of snowy weather forecasts.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | May 6, 2013
An Anchorage-based Marine Corps recruiter convicted in a court-martial Friday of sexually assaulting a friend's girlfriend on New Year's Eve 2011 may face local charges in the crime, according to the Anchorage Police Department. In a Monday statement, APD spokesperson Anita Shell says the case against 33-year-old Gunnery Sgt. Nicholas Howard, who worked at the Dimond Center mall, has been handed over to the district attorney's office. “December 31, 2011 began as a birthday celebration which included the victim and her boyfriend, Howard and his wife, and a third female,” Shell wrote.
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