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In Alaska, earthquake insurance doesn't come cheap


Jackie Purcell

October 24, 2011
Monday, Oct. 24 What: Fright Nite Haunted House When: Oct. 20-31 Sun-Wed 6-9 p.m.; Thurs-Sat. 6-11 p.m.; Halloween Night 6-11 p.m. Where: Northway Mall between Planet Fitness and JoAnn Fabrics. How: You can go to any Carrs grocery store and get $1.00 off coupon 1 per visit. or to for coupons .This year it's over 10,000 sq ft and 13 deathly rooms. I hope you love clowns spiders and chainsaws. It's for all ages at parents discretion.
By Dan Fiorucci and Channel 2 News | September 22, 2012
The Air Force believes that it's solved the years-long mystery of why F-22 pilots have suffered potentially dangerous, hypoxia-like symptoms aboard the world's most advanced jet fighter. And the answer is so insanely simple, some Congressmen don't believe it. It's primarily clothing! According to Congressional Testimony by NASA and Air Force experts earlier this month, the problem lies with an inflatable combat vest that was worn -- in combination with rubberized cold-weather survival gear needed for ejection by pilots over cold water.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | July 11, 2013
Channel 2 held a groundbreaking ceremony Friday for its new facility in Anchorage, as employees and guests came together to mark the beginning of work on the 40,000-square-foot building. The event, held under a sunny sky near the intersection of 40th Avenue and Denali Street, heralds the transition of the Northern Lights Media Center from planning into reality. The $22 million building will be one-third larger than the space the station currently occupies, about a block and a half south of the new location at 701 E. Tudor Rd. State Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage)
by Jason Lamb | August 27, 2010
A video taken Thursday at the Alaska State Fair is getting major attention online. It shows a political activist being restrained and arrested for criminal mischief -- but did fair security guards threaten his right to free speech? Hundreds of people have watched the video on YouTube overnight THursday. State fair officials say they viewed the incident with protester Sidney Hill as a public safety issue, and not a threat to Hill's free-speech rights. “This is free speech, leave me alone!
By Corey Allen-Young and Channel 2 News | August 14, 2013
Excitement is in the air as the possibility of new restaurants coming to Anchorage piques locals' interest -- but while rumors swirl, which businesses are actually breaking ground? Anchorage Economic Development Corp. President Bill Popp says the Tikahtnu Commons shopping area in East Anchorage will soon be home to the national chain Texas Roadhouse, a new eatery owners he hopes residents will enjoy. "They are taking advantage of the fact that Alaskans love to eat and we love good food," Popp said.
By Chris Klint and Adam Pinsker and Channel 2 News | December 4, 2012
Editor's note: This story contains graphic details of a sexual assault and murder; reader discretion is advised. Federal authorities released a series of grim details Tuesday on the kidnapping and killing of Samantha Koenig, the latest revelations in a flood of information released following Israel Keyes' apparent suicide Sunday in his Anchorage Jail cell. FBI Special Agent Jolene Godden and Anchorage Police Department Ofc. Jeff Bell tell Channel 2 Tuesday night that Keyes is believed to have committed a ninth murder in addition to the eight he already mentioned to authorities -- those of Koenig, Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vt., four victims in Washington state and one on the East Coast.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | April 9, 2013
April 15 is still Tax Day across the U.S., but another deadline set to fall on the same day -- Alaska's date for the removal of studded tires from motor vehicles -- is now three weeks away throughout the state. According to a Tuesday statement from Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Beth Ipsen, an emergency order from Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters has extended the deadline to May 1 for all roads in Alaska, due to recent snow and road conditions. Under state law roads north of 60 degrees latitude, as well as the Sterling Highway, always fall under the May 1 deadline.
July 20, 2013
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By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | March 25, 2013
Channel 2 announced plans Monday to move into a new Midtown building within a year of its 60th anniversary, featuring a high-definition television studio to serve viewers across the state. Andy MacLeod, the station's president and general manager, made the announcement hours after KTUU-TV's request for a new building was approved by the board of directors at parent corporation Schurz Communications Inc. “This is a major milestone for Channel 2,” MacLeod said. “As we celebrate our 60th Anniversary this year, there is no better time to look toward the future.
By Garret Wong and Channel 2 Financial Correspondent | May 3, 2011
As we approach the summer construction season, many homeowners are planning for  home improvements. But some renovations get a better return for the dollars you spend. Thanks to Sarah Haltness, a real estate specialist at Dynamic Realty, for her assistance with this list. Home improvement value recovery is really dependent upon the neighborhood standards. If your home is generally “dated,” or behind the general neighborhood standard, you’ll likely get more for your dollars spent.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | May 24, 2013
Channel 2 announced the launch Friday of Airwave, a new application for mobile devices allowing people to watch any newscast or special report from Channel 2 News in real time or within seven days of its airing. Brad Hillwig, Channel 2's marketing director, says Airwave is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store for devices like the iPad and iPhone, as well as from the Google Play store for devices running the Android operating system. “Airwave is available as a free download on Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets,” Hillwig wrote in a Friday statement on the app's release.
by Michelle Theriault Boots | October 26, 2011
It happens every day of the week in courtrooms all over Alaska. Today, in Judge Michael Spaan's Anchorage courtroom, the applicant is a woman with curly black hair, a mother.  The judge is hearing bail applications and arraignments. She's ushered from the spectator benches to a podium, where she swears to tell the truth.  She looks at her son, accused of assault and weapons charges in a robbery-gone-wrong. He wears an yellow jumpsuit, handcuffed to another detainee in the jury box. She is his ticket to bail, which would mean getting out of jail until his trial.
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