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October 29, 2010
Friday, October 29 Haunted Trails Goose Lake Park 4-8pm Games Face Painting Storytelling   Saturday, October 30 Trick or Treat Street Downtown Anchorage 2-5 p.m. maps available in the Anchorage Press     • Special games, treats, and prizes at participating merchants     • Sales and special hours at downtown businesses     • Halloween stamp map where kids and parents come in and get their maps stamped at every location.
By Corey Allen-Young and Channel 2 News | September 6, 2013
A new adult re-entry program is helping former inmates transition back into society and trying to keep them out of jail. According to the Alaska Department of Corrections, nearly half of the inmates released will get locked up again in a year and about two-thirds within three years. State officials say the New Life Development Center in Anchorage is putting the brakes on the revolving door. “I sat in the same chair, I was in the same dining hall, I know what it's like to think, 'I'm about to get out in six weeks, I don't know where I'm going,'" said Kelvin Lee, a former inmate for 15 years and President/CEO at New Life Development Center.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | June 19, 2013
Alaska State Troopers say a Sutton man died and a woman from Indian was critically Tuesday night, after their motorcycle struck a moose on the Glenn Highway. According to a Wednesday AST dispatch, suspected driver Ryan E. Beachy, 29, died at the scene of the crash -- Mile 92.5 of the Glenn -- while passenger Tracy L. Bushnell, 25, is in stable but critical condition at an Anchorage hospital. Palmer and Alaska Bureau of Highway Patrol troopers, along with a LifeMed air ambulance and Sutton firefighters and medics, responded to the crash site at about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday.
By Dan Fiorucci | August 31, 2012
10 days from now, on September 10th, the State Senate will hold a field hearing in Fairbanks to try to get at the bottom of a nagging question:     Why are gas prices in Alaska so high?     This evening (Friday) the website "GasBuddy.Com" showed that Alaska was 41st in the nation in gas prices. In other words, 40 states had gasoline cheaper than ours!     While the average price of a gallon here is $3.93, in Colorado -- the cheapest gasoline-state in the nation -- it was $3.52 -- nearly 40 cents lower.
By Steve Mac Donald and Channel 2 News | November 14, 2012
The murder of 15-year-old Jonathon Hartman is described as one of the worst crimes ever committed in Fairbanks -- but to this day, a debate rages over the four suspects convicted of his 1997 death and whether they actually committed the crime. Fairbanks police say a solid and fast-moving investigation led them to the suspects, with their hard work backed up by a court system that delivered four murder convictions and a lengthy round of appeals. Yet others in the Interior argue the investigation was flawed, saying police abused their power and as a result the wrong people were convicted.
By Michelle Theriault Boots and | April 29, 2011
Daniel Eisman may not have had it all, but for a time he had a lot: a wife, an infant son, a clerkship with a federal judge in Anchorage and a close circle of friends. Now, the former federal law clerk faces four years in prison, years of probation, disbarment, registry as a sex offender and a divorce. In Anchorage Superior Court on Thursday, Eisman admitted that he secretly videotaped friends and colleagues in private situations and pleaded guilty to charges of indecent viewing and felony possession of child pornography found on his home computer.
July 20, 2013
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By Jason Lamb, Ashleigh Ebert and Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | November 12, 2012
We all enjoy dinner out from time to time, but just how safe are the kitchens where you eat? Each month, Anchorage's Department of Health and Human Services slaps restaurants with critical violations -- things that could lead to you getting sick. There are 22 restaurants in Anchorage with six or more critical violations. In a list of those restaurants which DHHS gave to Channel 2, three were tied for first place with nine violations each. One of them was Indian eatery Bombay Deluxe, at 555 W Northern Lights Blvd.
By Dan Fiorucci and Abby Hancock and Channel 2 News | July 23, 2012
The search for a suspect who allegedly kidnapped a South Anchorage teen at gunpoint is no longer "active" but police say they're still keeping an eye out for the man. Police say he is dangerous and believe he likely hitchhiked out of the area officers were searching on Friday. It was midmorning Friday when 18-year-old Devin Welsh of South Anchorage saw a suspect rummaging through his grandmother's backyard on Lake Otis Parkway. Welsh says that when he confronted the man, he pulled a gun -- and ordered Welsh into his pickup truck.
by Michelle Theriault Boots | October 28, 2011
A recovering alcoholic and drug addict, Thaddeus Lewis has spent nearly two decades in and out of jails in Alaska. The courts have tried to supervise him in almost every way imaginable, including third party custodian - the system used in Alaska courts that puts friends and family in charge of watching defendants awaiting trial 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To him, human third party custodians are just that: human.  “If (the defendant) were going to go out and do something wrong, how hard is it to tell on that person?
January 26, 2012
Agnes, Archie Snowmobile Polaris Pro R Switchback 600cc Age: 36 Hometown: Tanana, Alaska Racer Status: Rookie Years Raced: Rookie   Biography Archie is Arnold Marks Jr's older brother. A lifelong Alaskan, he has lived in Tanana for 18 years. Archie is a driller with Doyon Drilling. Archie enjoys boat racing on the Yukon River, with a 2nd in the Yukon 800 in 2003. Boating on the Yukon and Tanana Rivers, spending time with his wife Courtney, and long trips on the rivers cruzin' on the snowmobiles makes life worthwhile.
by Jason Lamb and Channel 2 News | July 13, 2012
A cat named Stubbs has been the mayor of Talkeetna for nearly all of his life -- no joke. It's been that way for more than a decade in the small tourist town that boasts nearly 900 residents. The part-manx was named honorary mayor shortly after his birth, and now locals all know the cat as "Mayor Stubbs. " "He was just in the Alaska Magazine, and he's been featured in a few different things," said Lauri Stec, who works at Nagley's General Store in Talkeetna, where Stubbs hangs out most of the time.
By Chris Klint and Channel 2 News | August 16, 2012
An Air Force major stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson was arrested by Anchorage police Thursday for possession and distribution of child pornography. According to APD spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker, 34-year-old Peter Christopher Davis has been charged with three counts of distribution of child pornography and two counts of possession of child pornography. Davis, the assistant director of operations for the 3rd Operations Support Squadron, is involved in planning and coordinating missions for aircraft that fly from the base.
by Todd Walker and Channel 2 News | March 15, 2011
Friday’s diversion of three flights headed for Japan to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport was an unexpected bump in international passenger traffic through what used to be a hub for jet-setters.   In the 1980s, Anchorage was a high-traffic stop for worldwide travel. Today, while Anchorage is still a major player in the cargo world, the passengers have gone away.   Another airline, China Airlines, bids Anchorage farewell next month. Twenty years ago the North Terminal was known as the “International Terminal,” and for good reason -- it was constantly busy as jetliners stopped in Anchorage to refuel because of closed Soviet airspace.
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