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Point Hope judge convicts 3 men in caribou slaughter case, imposes no fine

February 05, 2010

by The Associated Press
Friday, February 5, 2010

POINT HOPE, Alaska -- Three men have been convicted of wasting meat from two animals in the Point Hope caribou slaughter case.

The men were found guilty Thursday, three days after their trial before Alaska Superior Court Judge Richard Erlich began.

The case involved just two animals shot and left on the tundra in July 2008.

Eight men were charged in the case in which authorities said meat from 37 animals had been wasted. The hunters said the animals were diseased.

Most of the men pleaded guilty and received fines. But Aqquilluk Hank, Chester Koonuk and Roy Miller decided to take their chances in court.

The judge did not issue any fines, community service or education.

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