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Miller campaign sues for access to election registers

November 12, 2010|by Christine Kim

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller filed a complaint Friday afternoon, demanding access to state voter rolls after alleged instances of voter fraud.

Court documents say the Miller campaign has asked for access to election registers from about 30 precincts across the state, which show voter signatures.

At a press conference, a Miller advisor claimed that one district showed a 238-ballot discrepancy in write-in votes, and wanted to know where those votes went.

When asked if the majority of those missing write-in votes would go to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the Miller campaign wouldn't answer the question and insisted it needed to know where the ballots are.

A spokesperson says the campaign wants to do a full audit to make sure the ballots counted in each precinct match the number of people who signed in. It’s asking a judge to grant access to the registers within the next few days, before the Division of Elections declares a winner.

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