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Former Alaskan wins 'The Apprentice'

December 10, 2010|by Maria Downey | Channel 2 News

WASILLA, Alaska — Thursday night the NBC reality show “The Apprentice” concluded with a former Service High Student being picked as Donald Trump's new hire. Thirty-year-old Brandy Kuentzel is the new apprentice after edging out runner-up Clint Robertson.

We shared that special moment with her family in Wasilla Thursday night when they learned of the news at the same time as everyone else – on t.v.

For fans it was the long-awaited finale, but for the Kuentzels, thousands of miles away from the Big Apple, it was much more.

Kuentzel graduated valedictorian from Service High School.

“She has both beauty and brains. Where she got it, I’m not sure, but she has it,” said Marvin Kuentzel, her grandfather.


Marvin was allowed to join the girls this week.

“All us girls get together and cheer her on, wish her well,” Jenni Kuentzel, Brandy’s stepmother said.

They've been getting together every week since Brandy started her journey to become Donald Trump's apprentice.

“We had a friend who was in ICU last week so we brought the party to ICU,” Jenni said.

“Well everyone's hoping of course,” Marvin said, “I mean it's 50/50, right? In our case, it's 60/40.”

This one-hour show seemed much longer to those who had a personal stake in Brandy's future.

At times it didn't look so good, but when Trump asked her own competitors whether Clint or Brandy should get the nod, things were looking up.

Minutes later, the "reality" of this reality show set in as three generations cheered on this newly-appointed apprentice.

“She's gonna do pretty good, I just know that,” Brandy’s brother, Michael, said.

Brandy's father was out of town Thursday night during the finale party.

The family says they had very little contact with Brandy during the show since she was sworn to secrecy. There’s no word yet on what Trump project Brandy will be assigned to. Articles