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Ron Alleva - Downtown Anchorage

March 22, 2011

Name: Ron Alleva    

Occupation: Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker. Personal Property Appraiser, Utility Owner


Registered Political Party: None

Last book you read: The Checklist Manifesto

Favorite movie: The Count of Monte Cristo

Why are you running for the Anchorage Assembly?:  To raise issues and to inspire others to more fully participate in civic discourse and to exercise their civic duty.

What one sentence best describes your philosophy of how city government should be run?: City government should be run honestly with sound principles and economic efficiency.

What letter grade would you give the current assembly, and why?: D+ The current assembly members are not focused on issues, but rather on their individual re-elections. They rarely reach goals or achieve anything of significance.


What letter grade would you give Mayor Sullivan’s administration, and why?: C-  His support staff is not as polished as it should be

What are your thoughts on the 2008 union contracts approved by the Assembly? Is there a link to those contracts and the city’s current fiscal situation?: Poor decisions led to approval of some union contracts. Begich needed union votes for his senate bid. Yes, these contracts were not in the best economic interest of the city.

What are your thoughts on the budget reductions proposed by Mayor Sullivan over the past two years?  Are they too much? Not deep enough? A right amount?: He is cutting the fat and some of the dead weight, but not enough. He needs to piggy back costs such as school district and municipal maintenance.

What city services would you like to see reinstated, and how would you suggest they are paid for?: The bus service. The federal and state governments should share more of the cost.

Are property taxes too high? What consideration should be given to alternative taxes like the tobacco tax, or a sales tax?: Yes. Too many exemptions keep taxes high. Seniors, military, non-profits and churches should share more of the tax burden. More "sin" taxes at the point of distribution should be considered, but not a sales tax.

What is the most important issue affecting the city as a whole?: Apathy and a belief in entitlement.

What is the most important issue facing your district more than other districts?: The micro-economies in each area, and how to develop them to keep people working.

Challengers (non-incumbents) -- What specifically will you bring to the assembly that your incumbent opponent has/will not? A stronger voice and more targeted representation

Should the municipality require mandatory photo identification for all customers purchasing alcohol at package liquor stores? Why or why not? Keeping within the privacy laws, mandatory photo identification should be used to prevent underage drinking and keep criminally chronic inebriates from acquiring alcohol. If that means checking everyone, then so be it.

Should an agency other than the Anchorage Police Department be allowed to issue parking tickets to vehicles parked downtown? Why or why not? Yes. It is less expensive as the investment in a police officer's training should be put to better use.

Should the city extend the disabled veteran property tax exemption to widows and widowers? Why or why not? No. There are too many exemptions—such should be the purview of the federal government, not local government.

The last municipal election had the lowest voter turnout in at least 20 years. Why should people head to the polls and vote on April 5th?: Voter apathy leads to shrill and fringe elements amassing too much influence, where a person like Sarah Palin could actually become President. Articles