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Houston Mayor Recall Moves Forward

Petitioners Claim Thompson Falsified Timesheets

April 18, 2011|By Lori Tipton | Channel 2 News

HOUSTON, Alaska — Efforts to oust the Mayor of Houston are moving forward.

Houston City Council members Ruth Blanchard and Lance Wilson, along with dozens of other Houston residents, submitted a petition to recall Virgie Thompson on Friday.

They were up against a tight deadline to do so. Alaska State Statute requires petitions to recall elected officials be submitted before their last 180 days of service. For Thompson, that day was Friday -- her term ends in October.

Those who filed the petition to recall Thompson claim she falsified her timesheet last November and that she was paid for hours she did not work. 

The Houston City Clerk must verify the 63 signatures on the recall petition. If at least 50 are valid Houston voters, there will be a special election to determine whether Thompson will be recalled from the City Council and lose her position as Mayor.

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