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Murkowski Donates Books To Vandalized Library

July 20, 2011|by Abby Hancock

Anchorage, AK —
Sen. Lisa Murkowski is one of the many donors to give books and other materials to the Togiak Public Library. After the library was vandalized for the second time on May 12, the community joined in the effort to replace materials and items that were ruined.

On Wednesday, Sen. Murkowski announced that she would donate 191 books to the library. The librarian says the vandals knocked over every shelf and pushed all of the books to the floor. Some books were torn apart, others were covered in syrup. Two weeks before the vandalism, computer software and DVD's were stolen from the library after a break-in. Librarian Dale Richesin says the library is an important institution in the small rural community, and is the only place with public internet access. He says most of the damage was done to the books, which were tossed out.

"Coming in and seeing literally every book pushed onto the floor, piled up, is kind of disheartening. We were able to recover and we are not going to let one or two vandals spoil it for the rest of the community," said Richesin.

Donations have come from individuals and other libraries. The books donated by Sen. Murkowski are from the Library of Congress Book Donation Program. The Togiak library is still taking donations and is in the process of moving into a larger facility. Donations can be sent to the library at P.O. Box 353, Togiak, AK 99678.

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