Pebble Partnership Seeks Help From AK Supreme Court

August 01, 2011|Jason Lamb | Channel 2 News

The legal battle over the highly controversial proposed Pebble Mine continues to grow.

The Pebble Partnership hopes the highest court in the state will block a proposition from being on the Lake and Peninsula Borough's ballot in October.

The proposition would prohibit the borough from issuing a development permit for any large-scale resource extraction project that would have a negative impact on resources like salmon.

George Jacko with Alaskans for Bristol Bay says the borough has every right to put the proposition on the ballot.

"The Pebble project is located in the Lake and Peninsula borough, and so it's not our choice for it to be there," said Jacko.  "If it was our choice, it would be somewhere else In the state of Alaska."

But a Pebble spokesperson says there's already a process to dealing with permitting something like the proposed pebble mine, and that an initiative on a borough ballot isn't part of it.

"At the heart of this case is a lot of very significant questions of the appropriateness of this type of approach to making complex decisions relative to an established planning process," said Mike Heatwole with the Pebble Partnership.

In it's appeal, the Pebble Partnership asked the supreme court for an emergency review because of an upcoming ballot printing deadline.

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