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Black Friday Comes Early for Some Anchorage Stores

November 22, 2011|By Jackie Bartz | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Skipping the turkey to shop?  That's a question before thousands of Black Friday shoppers this holiday season.  This year, stores are opening earlier than ever and people need to line up Thanksgiving afternoon in hopes of snagging a door- buster deal.

"Midnight has been proved as something that our customers really want," Dimond Center Old Navy Store Manager Jessica Chandler said.  "Last year we had a great turnout. We have several hundred people here at midnight, we expect the same this year." 

Old Navy, Kohl's, and Best Buy are just a few stores that are opening their doors at midnight this year. 

"We are pretty excited about it," said Tyler Ballew, the Customer Solutions Manager at Best Buy.  "A lot of customers want the option to come and get in line." 

Black Friday kicks off the most profitable six weeks of the year.

"You want to get them in the door first, so its competitive pressure that is driving them to open earlier and earlier and earlier," Bill Popp, President of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation said. 


The Dimond Center plans to open its doors to let customers wait in line, inside for their favorite stores.

"The deals are definitely enticing," Shopper Allie Payne said.  "The deals would be the draw for sure, its just a matter of how brave I decide to be, and how late I decide to stay up."

But other shoppers plan on staying at home with family, "hearing about stores that are opening at midnight, I think that is just, I think that is a little insane," Keith Harvey said. 

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