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Police: 14-Year-Old Girl, Injected With Heroin By 26-Year-Old Party Host, Fighting For Life

December 26, 2011|By Matthew Simon | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 14-year-old girl is currently fighting to survive after state prosecutors allege her 26-year-old party host injected her with heroin's strongest form.

State prosecutors said the accused, Sean Warner, and his 21 and 22 year old friends, who are now cooperating witnesses, picked up the 14-year-old on the night of Dec. 22 to party at his Turnagain home.

"The young girl had agreed to try something "new" as witnesses phrased it," Anchorage Police Spokesperson Anita Shell said of the girl's desire to inject heroin. "But she was afraid to inject herself.  So he attempted to inject her several times, but was unsuccessful."

Charging documents indicate Warner's first attempt was on the bathroom floor. That is when, prosecutors say, Warner had her lay on his bed and, while using his belt as a tourniquet, injected 25 to 30 units of the morphine-like drug into her arm.


At about 9:30 the next morning, after spending the night in Warner's bed, one of the witnesses told police they found the 14-year-old face-down in her own vomit. 

"During her sleep she vomited and aspirated," Shell said. "So when they found her she was having difficulty breathing."

The witnesses say they tried CPR to help the girl’s breathing, but she continued struggling.  At one point she reportedly began convulsing.

It would take Warner four hours to call 911, prosecutors said.

“They delayed getting medical attention to her because they were afraid that police would find drugs in the home,” Shell said.

During that critical time Warner allegedly gave her one of his suboxone pills, which Shell said is a drug that is given to heroin addicts. Warner allegedly used it in an attempt to revive the girl.

Prosecutors say shortly before emergency crews arrived about 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Warner locked all evidence in his bedroom, telling them the room belonged to his roommates. After the girl was taken to the hospital, Warner allegedly got rid of it in a McDonald’s dumpster.

Police say the 14-year-old was placed in the intensive care unit. She was listed in critical condition as of Monday.

Hospital tests, police say, have since confirmed the girl overdosed.  

"She had four different chemicals in her system," Shell said.  "Meth, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. And that's a lot of drugs, especially for a 14-year-old little girl."

On Christmas day in the Anchorage Jail's courtroom, Warner shook his head “no” as a state prosecutor detailed charges, including calling him a flight risk.

“The danger to the community is we don't know who else he may supply to, including this individual,” Asst. District Attorney Williams told the court.

He also accused Warner of stealing a surveillance system.

"It's on video,” Williams said. “And he probably traded that system for the drugs that led to this overdose."

The “China White” heroin prosecutors say the 14-year-old was injected with is the strongest form available, said Anchorage Police Capt. Dave Koch.

“If someone starts with “China White," an analogy would be like a child drinking Everclear. Almost pure alcohol,” Koch said.  “And it’s not surprising that they're going to (not only) be sick, but overdosing.”

Warner remains in jail.  His bail conditions are $90,000 and he must have a court appointed supervisor because the judge agreed he is a flight risk.

He is charged with misconduct involving a controlled substance, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and theft.

Outside of court Sunday, Warner’s father and friend disputed the prosecution's story and defended him.

They say he is an upstanding Navy veteran who saved lots of lives serving as an Afghanistan medic, and find the charges hard to believe. 

Since returning from war, Warner’s father and friend say he has had numerous problems, and they were working to help him get his life back together.

Attempts for further comment Monday from Warner's family were not returned.

The girl's name is not being released because of her age.  Police would only say she lives with her father. Articles