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Alaska Moose Federation Begins Feeding Moose to Protect Drivers

February 26, 2012|by Jackie Bartz

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Volunteers with the Alaska Moose Federation spent a snowy Sunday setting up feeding stations for moose in order to try to protect drivers. 

Using permits issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the nonprofit is setting out bails of haylage to divert moose away from Alaska's roadways.

Biologists say that the heavy snowfall this year is putting pressure on the moose, and forcing them to congregate around areas of lesser snow.

"Moose have literally taken over the roads and you are literally driving through large herds," Gary Olson, Executive Director of the Alaska Moose Federation said.

According to Olson, since July 1st, 2011 over 400 moose have been hit by vehicles in the valley, which is more than double the number of moose typically hit in a year.

"The Alaska Moose Federation wants to do a better job than just picking up the dead ones on the roads, we want to try to get these moose in the woods where they belong," Olson said.

The bails cost about $50 each, and it will take two to feed one moose through the end of the winter.

The Alaska Moose Federation is funded through donations, and hopes to raise enough money to keep the feed stations stocked.

For more information visit the Alaska Moose Federation website.

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