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Multiple Vehicle Accident on Rabbit Creek

April 09, 2012|Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage Police Dispatchers say Rabbit Creek Road was blocked off in both directions due to a multi-vehicle accident on Saturday, April 7.

Police say the pile up began with a two vehicle accident at the intersection of Rabbit Creek Rd. and Elmore Rd., but that number quickly rose as another four, when vehicles drove into the disabled cars.

APD says due to snowy weather conditions drivers were unable to stop their vehicles before colliding with the initial accident and there were no serious injuries.

"Just collision after collision.  It's just important for people to remember that it's still winter, obviously," Sgt. Cameron Hokenson, Anchorage Police Dept., said. "Especially up here on the hillside so just slow it down. "

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