Channel 2's Kenai Peninsula Translators Temporarily Offline After Signal Switch

June 14, 2012|By Channel 2 News staff

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Channel 2's translators on the Kenai Peninsula have temporarily failed following their conversion from analog to digital signals this week.

Channel 2's Engineering Department received a report Thursday that the translators in Homer/Seldovia, Ninilchik, Kasilof and Kenai/Soldotna for all Anchorage TV stations were temporarily down, possibly due to the failure of a backup power supply. The translators will be repaired, but service will not be restored until Thursday evening at the earliest.

Department head Lance Hankins says the converted signal should still be viewable on Channel 10 in the area, although viewers may have to make adjustments to their TV sets to receive the new signal.

“To get the new digital signals, viewers will need an antenna (same one they've been using), and either a converter box for an old-style TV or a flat-screen digital TV,” Hankins said. “Then they will have to scan for channels.”

Hankins says the new signal will let Kenai Peninsula viewers watch Channel 2 programming in the same high-definition format viewers see in Anchorage.

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