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Byron Syvinski Trial: Doctors Say Accused Used Bath Salts

State calls mom of child beaten to stand, closing arguments scheduled Wednesday

July 24, 2012|By Corey Allen-Young | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Byron Syvinski  trial entered its third day Tuesday in Anchorage Superior Court. Syvinski is the man accused of beating up a 7-year-old girl and taking her bike and assaulting his neighbor in midtown last summer.

The State called two witnesses to the stand including Dr. Deborah Lerner, a pediatric at Providence Hospital, and Andrea Dunwoody, the mother of Am Marie – the girl who was severely beaten, and Dr. Mullowney, and internal medicine doctor at Alaska Regional.

During Dr. Michael Mullowney’s testimony, he said Syvinski admitted to using bath salts, yet blood screenings did not detect the drug.

Dr. Mullowney said Syvinski had symptoms pointing to bath salts usage, including agitation and psychosis and Syvinski’s history showed no signs of mental illness before and after the drug wore off.

The Defense cross examined Dr. Mullowney and asked about the medication Syvinski was using including taking meds for Graves disease and asked if having a chronic medical issue could lead to mental issues.

Before noon, the state rested its case and the defense rested as well with no witnesses or Syvinksi taking the stand.

Judge Jack Smith said Syvinski‘s medical records will be shown to the jury during deliberation and recessed the trial with closing arguments to be heard at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Editor's Note: Headline fixed to reflect correct spelling of Byron Syvinski, not Bryon Syvinski.

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