MatSu Flooding Update

September 22, 2012|By Mike Ross | Channel 2 News

The MatSu Borough Emergency Operations Center issued this summary earlier today. Check with and Channel 2 News for the latest.

At least three structures have fallen in water, two cabins in Willow Creek, and one house Thursday in the Matanuska River.

More than half the town of Talkeetna left homes yesterday, according to Talkeetna Fire Chief Ken Farina, after a fight to plug a breached revetment was lost to the Talkeetna River. The river crested at the second highest recorded level reaching 15.65 feet at 5 pm yesterday, according to a NOAA site.

Don’t drink the water anywhere with flooded wells

Don’t drink the water anywhere in which wells are flooded. Informational packets will be pushed out in communities as soon as possible.


Butte near Ye Old River Road evacuates

The Matanuska River left its bed yesterday and breached the road revetment at Maud Road sending water over the bike path along the Old Glenn Highway toward some 14 homes near Ye Old River Road. Residents were busy evacuating and sandbagging property yesterday.

Wasilla Creek moves into large subdivision Meadow Brook

Firefighters knocked on doors on Tiffany Drive to Roy Circle and some on Jean Dr. in Meadow Brook letting them know sandbags are down the street at the Riparian and Tiffany intersection. The creek was six inches high on the subdivision road, flowing over driveways, and approaching some 17 homes.

Three shelters and an RV spot for evacuees are open in the Borough. A map is on the Borough website and on facebook.

Sandbags are placed around the Borough for residents to pick up  

 -Tiffany & Riparian in Meadow Brook subdivision
-Sutton Fire Station
-Talkeetna Elementary, Mile 15 Talkeetna Spur
-Milner Les Maynard Public Safety Building 7731 East Bogard

On the Glenn Highway
The Moose Creek bridge has erosion damage
The concrete butttress has been undercut by the flowing water but is still passable, DOT, Transportation, on scene making repairs as needed.

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