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APD Looking for 2 Witnesses in Fatal Platinum Jaxx Shooting

November 02, 2012|By Chris Klint & Abby Hancock | Channel 2 News
  • Anchorage police are looking for two witnesses (wearing an Iron Man costume, left, and Incredible Hulk costume, right) to the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Said Beshirov early Sunday at the Platinum Jaxx nightclub at 901 W. 6th Ave. The witnesses or anyone with information about them are asked to call APD at 786-8900.
Courtesy APD

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage police are seeking two specific witnesses of a fatal Sunday shooting at a Downtown nightclub as their investigation into the incident continues.

APD spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker says detectives are trying to identify a pair of revelers who attended a Halloween party at Platinum Jaxx, at 901 W. 6th Ave. The two were wearing Iron Man and Incredible Hulk costumes early Sunday morning, when 27-year-old Said Beshirov was shot and killed.

Police had initially sought two vehicles spotted in the area, including a red Dodge pickup truck and a white Jeep Grand Cherokee now believed to be from model years 2002 through 2005.

“The press was able to assist in the identification of the red Dodge truck that contained witnesses to the event,” Parker wrote in a Thursday statement on the case. “Detectives are still seeking the white Jeep.”

Parker says that while images taken Sunday were fairly blurry, detectives have identified many of the people who were at the scene.


“These two, they know who they are,” Parker said.

APD is asking the two witnesses -- or anyone with information on their identities -- to contact police at 786-8900.

Police say several witnesses have come forward and many provided them with video captured on smart phones, from the night of the shooting.

Meanwhile, Platinum Jaxx installed two more outdoor cameras on Friday, adding to the 36 the club already has inside and outside of the bar. The business is also using a new system called I-Detect to keep track of who is coming inside the bar. Security scans customers' ID's, which pulls up their information and snaps a photo of the guest and stores it in the system's database.

Platinum Jaxx has been using it for about three week but says if more businesses use the same system, it could flag other bars about the troublemakers.

"What we're hoping is if we can get it linked up together and everyone's using the system, it will pretty much make it impossible for the troublemakers around town and hopefully they'll just stop," said Jess Hepper, co-owner of the nightclub.

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