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Moose Meat Delivered Following Collisions

January 12, 2013|By Mallory Peebles & Phil Walczak | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Moose Federation said motorists and moose have been getting a break on the roads this winter compared to last season.

When a collision does occur, volunteers with the organization respond to the scene removing the carcass and delivering it to a person or charity in need of the free meat. 

“You have a potentially a 1,000 pound moose and all that meat is just sitting there and there's nothing wrong with it at all,” said Ryan Bombini, a volunteer with the Alaska Moose Federation. 

The Alaska Moose Federation has more than 3 dozen volunteers statewide who pickup moose from roadways.

“Sometimes we get a call everyday, during work, after work, midnight, 1 in the morning and then we go a week or 2 without anything at all,” said Bombini. 

When law enforcement responds to the scene of a moose and motorist collision, they call the Alaska Moose Federation and provide them with the name and address of where the moose can be delivered.

Alaska Moose Federation
president Gary Olson said moose is delivered to charities and people and organizations on its recipient list. Olson said Anchorage police has told them when Alaska Moose Federation arrives it cuts down the response time of moose and motorist collisions by at least 2 hours. 


“It saves them a lot of resources and they get back to do to doing what they do, rather than waiting around for someone to show up and deal with these moose,” said Olson. 

With the lack of snow this season, the organization said many moose were staying at high elevations, which allows the volunteers to work on habitat enhancement - ways to keep moose away from roadways.

“We want to be more than just picking up dead moose off broken cars and hurt people, we got to get these moose away from these corridors," said Olson, "so we're trying to get more proactive then reactive.”

That means good news for moose, motorists and even volunteers who can catch up on sleep.

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