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Alaskans React to Obama's Gun Law Proposals

January 16, 2013|By Mallory Peebles & Mike Nederbrock | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Following President Obama's statements Wednesday morning, Republican Congressman Don Young said he has serious concerns with the statements made today by President Obama.

Congressman Young said, "I continue to meet with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to discuss ways to address mental health, and keep guns out of the hands of madmen, all without infringing on responsible gun owner's Second Amendment rights."    

Some of the specific proposals Mr. Obama made were universal background checks for all people purchasing guns and restoring a ban on military style assault weapons and a 10-round limit for magazines.

At Alaska Custom Firearms, store employee Monica Thomas said customers have been calling everyday asking for high-capacity magazines.

“We had 45 in last week and they were gone the next day. They disappear quick and it's like that all over town, I get like, 20 calls a day,” said Thomas.


Thomas said that business has been good for the past year. Store manager and gunsmith, Steven Untiet, visited Las Vegas, Nevada for a gun show to buy more assault rifles, parts and magazines.    

However, the newly proposed legislation from President Obama is concerning to Thomas.

"It's going to have an impact on us eventually when we can't sell one of America's most popular rifles, the AR-15."

At the Rabbit Creek Shooting Park some gun owners believe Obama is not focusing on the real problem behind mass shootings.

"People, they don't believe in what's going on. The only thing I really have some concern about are the people that are mentally ill or have a problem and until we do something about that things will continue," said gun owner John Finn.

"The assault ban that they had in the 90's didn't work. Why enact another one?," said Wayne Anthony Ross, "No, I don't think it's going to stop criminals from getting guns. Criminals are criminals because they violate they law."

Gun rights proponent Wayne Anthony Ross, also an NRA board member, spoke to Channel 2 about his concerns for the country. He said the United States has enough gun laws already.

"[President Obama] ought to enforce the ones that are there and let's put the criminals behind bars and let's prevent the people that would even think of that, let's dissuade them," said Ross.

While many support President Obama's plan, some Alaskans are left asking, how will it protect their Second Amendment right?

"If you take our guns away, what's that leave us with?" asked Thomas.

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