Fairbanks Couple Holds Essay Contest To Sell Home

January 20, 2013|By Abby Hancock | Channel 2 News

Anchorage, AK — A Fairbanks couple is hoping a unique method of selling their home will prevent them from having to put it on the market. Gordon and Laurel Carlin started a national essay contest to sell their Fairbanks home. They have owned the 4-bedroom, 2800 square-foot house for 18 years but now hope to move some place smaller, according to the couple's daughter, Trisha Bergstrom.

"They were kind of thinking about selling the house. All of us kids moved out and it's just way too much house for them, it's just the two of them. I just told them about this idea, I said 'Well, why not?'" said Bergstrom.

The contest began January 1, and so far the couple has received about 100 submissions. A $100 fee and an essay is required and anyone in the country can enter.

Bergstrom said her parents hope to get at least 3,000 submissions by April 30, when the contest ends. They will not take more than 3,500 entries.

The Carlins are primarily using a Facebook page to spread the word. According to Bergstrom, the top ten essays will be posted on Facebook and the writer of the essay that receives the most "likes" will win the home. She said it's an exciting contest with some risk involved.

"I guess they're going to have to trust as much we're going to have to trust (them). I just hope that the sincerity comes through the letter," said Bergstrom.


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