Wasilla Teenager Charged with Murder in Father's Shooting

March 01, 2013|By Chris Klint | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska State Troopers say a Wasilla teenager has been arraigned on murder charges in the fatal shooting of his father, after what court documents describe as an argument with deadly consequences.

A Friday AST dispatch says 16-year-old William Robinson Jr. was charged as an adult in the death of 57-year-old William Robinson, whose autopsy has been completed by the state medical examiner's office. Court records say the teen was arraigned in Palmer court Wednesday at 1 p.m. on first-degree and second-degree murder charges.

The elder Robinson was declared dead Tuesday morning, after troopers and medics responded to a call shortly after 3 a.m. reporting a death at a home on the 6500 block of Yeomen Road in Wasilla. An earlier trooper dispatch had said a teenager was taken into custody in connection with the death and held at the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility, but didn't list his name or any charges.


A felony complaint written by AST investigator David M. Bower says Robinson’s wife, Nicole Robinson, called troopers at 3:07 a.m. Thursday to report that he had been shot by her son, William Robinson Jr. Dispatchers gave Nicole Robinson and her son CPR instructions, which they both later told troopers they tried to follow.

“Nicole reported there had been an altercation where William Sr. was being aggressive and then William Jr. shot William,” Bower wrote.

According to Bower when troopers and medics arrived at 3:26 a.m., William Jr., who had apparent bloodstains on his clothing, apologized to troopers for the shooting. The elder Robinson was found dead inside the home, with a revolver pistol five to six feet away from his body.

In an interview with troopers, Nicole Robinson said her husband had become upset with her, claiming she had taken medication from his shirt pocket. In an ensuing argument, William said he was going to disable a Pontiac car at the home.

“Nicole reported that William Sr. said he was going to shoot her, and she said she’d shoot him too, but neither actually attempted to do so,” Bower wrote.

While William went outside to disable the car and Nicole went to a bathroom to get dressed, she told troopers she saw her son retrieve the revolver from the living room, briefly going back to his bedroom before passing the bathroom again and returning to the living room. Her husband soon passed the bathroom as well.

“As William walked past the bathroom he told Nicole to stay in the bathroom,” Bower wrote. “About one minute later she heard a gunshot. When she asked William Jr. if he shot his dad, William Jr. responded, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Robinson Jr. told troopers he was awakened by his parents arguing in the living room. When he went to the living room he said his father yelled at him and was “verbally hostile,” in a manner which seemed to have escalated from the home’s usual level of frequent arguments.

“William Jr. stated his father said he was going outside to disable the car,” Bower wrote. “After William Sr. went outside, William Jr. looked outside and saw his father standing in front of the vehicle with the hood up. William Jr. then took the gun from the living room and brought it to his room to hide it.”

After William Sr. came back inside, traveling back and forth between his room and the living room several times, the son told troopers he took the gun out of its case and went to the living room, telling his mother to stay in the bathroom.

“William Jr. then went to the doorway of the living room where his father was sitting on the sofa,” Bower wrote. “As his father started to stand up, William Jr. stated he took about two steps forward and fired all six rounds at his father.”

While William Jr. told troopers his father hadn’t fully risen from the sofa, he cited fear as a motivation in the shooting.

“William Jr. stated he shot his father because he was afraid of what his father might do to his mother or to him,” Bower wrote. “William Jr. stated that his father had not physically assaulted anyone that night, only that he was very angry.”

William Jr. told troopers his father had never physically assaulted him and that he’d never seen William assault his mother, but said she’d told him he pulled her hair about six months ago.

William Robinson Jr.’s bail was set at $250,000, with a court-approved third-party custodian required for release.

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