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Family and Friends of Hit-and-Run Victim Ask for Help Finding Suspect

Tevin George, 18, was critically injured from a hit-and-run crash in South Anchorage.

July 22, 2013|By Samantha Angaiak | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Family and friends of Tevin George, 18, who was critically injured in a hit-and-run crash over the weekend, are asking for the public's help in finding the driver.

"Just to leave him there, I never thought I'd have to go through this" Charlene George, Tevin's mother, said.

George suffered a serious head injury around 4 a.m. Saturday. He was walking back home with his friend, Allen Cragle, 17, after purchasing a soda drink from the Holiday gas station when a vehicle struck him.

"I was really scared that I just watched my best friend get hit by a car," Cragle said.

Anchorage police say George was hit by a dark colored sedan vehicle and the driver then fled the scene.

"Why didn't you stop if I heard the noise?” Cragle asked. “He wasn't even five feet from me, but he was closer to you than me, but why didn't you stop and help.”


Cragle said he was able to stay calm through lessons he learned from his father.

“I remembered what my dad taught me - keep a cool head in a critical situation, so I did that and went up and checked his breathing," Cragle said. "I didn't want to move him because I didn't know if he had any broken bones."

After checking George's pulse, Cragle then dialed 911.

George was listed in "serious condition" as of Monday afternoon, but his step-father, Michael Oustigoff, says it could have been much worse if Cragle hadn't have been there.

"He has sixteen staples and the nerves that are on his brain to I guess keep it from scraping the top of your skull, some of those had been broken," Oustigoff said. "He's got movement in his hands and his feet, his legs he tries to sit up he does open his eyes, but it's as if when he looks at you you're not even there he's looking at his eyelids when his eyes are open.”

While George has yet to verbally communicate, Oustigoff said he's worried he'll never be able to accomplish goals he had talked about.

"He had plans for being accomplishing great things in his life like being a pilot, being a welder, going into the military - he was wondering or thinking about going into the military," Oustigoff said.

Anchorage police are asking anyone to come forward with information about the driver of the dark sedan on Saturday to call them at 786-8900 or to remain anonymous call crime stoppers at 561-STOP.

Police say the tip that leads to an arrest could earn the caller a $1,000 reward, but they have to contact CrimeStoppers at 561-STOP.

Family members say they just want to find some answers.

"It won't be immediate but in time I’m sure we could find some sort of forgiveness if he turns himself in," Oustigoff said.

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