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Whittier Recalls Mayor Lester Lunceford

July 30, 2013|By Neil Torquiano | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The city of Whittier has recalled its mayor early Tuesday evening.

Lester Lunceford sent out a news release saying that after the count of Tuesday’s absentee and questionable ballots, he has officially been recalled as Whittier’s mayor.

“Of course I am disappointed in the outcome of the recall election, but I am not surprised,” Lunceford said. “Whittier has always been apolitically split town where a handful of votes can sway the outcome of any election.” 

According to the city manager, Vice Mayor Daniel Blair will take the role of acting mayor.

Three former city council members began petitioning for Lunceford’s recall after he replaced the previous city manager earlier this year.

Lunceford said nothing about the move was unlawful, and that proper procedures were followed.

“The former council members who filed the recall petition claim that the city council, under my leadership went into an executive session with 'erroneous specificity' – alleging that we held a non-public meeting without stating with enough detail what that meeting was about,” Lunceford said. “Although the allegations were untrue, and the city's attorney confirmed that the council acted lawfully, a handful of voters decided that they wanted a change.  They made a democratic choice, and the outcome is now history.”

Editor’s Note: KTUU’s Mike Ross contributed to this story.

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