NBA Star James Harden to Visit Bethel Students

August 20, 2013|By Neil Torquiano | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Bethel Regional High School students will finally get their celebrity visitor after winning a national education campaign earlier this year.

James Harden, an NBA star with the Houston Rockets, will visit the students Thursday, August 29.

Last spring, the Bethel Warriors won a contest called “Future Forward Challenge,” by getting more than 60 percent of its seniors to complete their federal student aid paperwork, compared to the 40 percent national average.

Get Schooled, a non-profit organization, held the contest and changed the prize from a celebrity appearance to a Skye session and the Bethel Warriors launched a Twitter campaign.

The non-profit received enough backlash that the Warriors doubled down on celebrity kudos.

In May, Kendrick Lamaar had a Skype session with the students. Lamaar is scheduled to perform at the Alaska State Fair on the same day Harden will visit the students.

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