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Callers Impersonating APD Officers in Phone Extortion Scam

August 26, 2013|By Abby Hancock | Channel 2 News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Anchorage Police Department says at least two dozen people have received scam calls over the weekend from people posing as APD officers, using threats of jail time to extort cash from victims.

In a Saturday statement, APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro says the scammers claim that people haven’t shown up for jury duty, threatening them with arrest. At least two people have lost $500 each to the callers, who have been impersonating specific officers.

“The citizens reported that the officer impersonators stated they could avoid being arrested if the citizens went to a Walmart or Walgreens and provided them with a green dot money package,” Castro wrote. “In some of the reports, the impersonators were using the names of Officer Jonathan Banks and Maj. Wilson, one of them even providing a false police badge number.”

Castro tells Channel 2 that APD never calls people by phone to inform them of arrest warrants or ask them for money.

“We don't deal with any kind of court fees or anything like that through the department directly,” Castro said. “We accept fees through citations that are issued; however people come pay those in person at the department, by mail to the address actually listed on the physical citation.”

Police are investigating the calls. Anyone with concerns about an APD officer’s authenticity can ask for a badge number, then verify it by calling the department’s non-emergency line at 786-8900.

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